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Need an immediate and reliable option for the distribution of your products?

  Taxitel Carga y Paquetería

Call Center Call
(477) 7 70 21 21

To get a quote and order the service according to your needs.


Our tracking system will send the nearest truck to your location to pick up your freight.

Contract and Payment

Our driver will deliver the service contract and you can make your payment by cash or credit card.

Shipping & Delivery

Finally, our driver will make the delivery with the efficiency, safety and reliability that distinguishes us.

  Taxitel Carga y Paquetería Taxitel Carga y Paquetería

It is the ideal solution to meet your needs immediately and reduce your distribution and service delivery times.

Truck with capacity of 1.5, 3.5 and 7 tons with open or closed box to transport your products.

Shipping available the whole year when your vehicles are indisposed or under repair.

Explore new trade routes and expand your geographical distribution capacity with local or foreign shipments.

Rent vans or trucks by the hour or per trip, we support you to pay only for the time you use them.

It is a 100% deductible expense. Request your service invoice.

We offer credits and rebates to PYMES to contribute to its development and growth.

Take advantage of opportunities when demand for products increases, to avoid investing in transport equipment that will not be exploited to its full potential.

  Taxitel Carga y Paquetería

At Taxitel Group we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, which is why we are committed to innovate and develop every day to give you the service you're expecting of us.

Our transport units are always available and in optimum condition.

Flexible quotes adapted to the needs of your company.

Our operators are highly trained to provide excellent quality service.

Safety and reliability on freight transport services of goods.

We have GPS for real-time monitoring.